Tuesday, November 4, 2008

election day downloads

the Drive-By Truckers, among others, are offering a free election day download (today only, I believe), and Bloodshot Records is offering a free election day stream featuring a dozen of their artists.

and while it's not free (I would if I could, but I just write here), I also recommend (for timeliness if nothing else (and there's plenty else)) Will Kimbrough's "Americanitis" (hey, it's only 99 cents; pull the string), which I co-wrote.
in fact, I wrote the lyrics exactly three years and 361 days ago. that is, on my way to work (the subway ride) the day after the 2004 election. the original title was "Kerry in the Park," as it was an imagining of John Kerry taking stock - past, present and future - while wandering through Central Park following his defeat.
and Will did a tremendous, fabulous, wonderful job not only with the music but with the recording. and I am more than proud to have played a small part.
but - and this is the important part - I do not want to have to feel that way again.

go vote.

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