Wednesday, September 24, 2008

a mostly inside day

despite the beautifully crisp weather.

but I did manage to get a couple of outside errands done.

overheard conversations:

(a woman who appeared homeless talking to a man who appeared homeless (he was pushing a cart full of soda cans)) "you're going to f*&# me all night and THEN expect me to spend the night with you?" (homeless conversations don't always make sense)

(an elderly woman pushing a walker at the bank teller window) "I bet I spend a third of all my money on medicine. I have a terrible skin condition. have you ever heard of the hives? there's nothing worse in the world."

and you ask why I spend so much time in the apartment (plus McCain's "I'm too busy to debate and that ought to show I'm presidential" ploy has been pretty entertaining).

the Rivers interview is up at the Voice (I have the early interview - unpublished (used as reference for a much-reprinted feature back in the day) - which I may post later. as in around the weekend).
perceptive readers will notice that it's not quite half past ten, which means Weezer's probably 15-30 minutes into their MSG set.
and if I'm blogging here, then, well, you know . . .

I'm guessing the Garden isn't all the way full since Ticketmaster was running a $30 special (regular price: $54.50) this afternoon.
the band's headed south and west from here. Atlantic City Friday, followed by Camden (call it Philly), Auburn Hills (Detroit), blah blah before curling around to Duluth, Georgia (Atlanta) on October 25th.

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