Saturday, May 17, 2008

saturday came up quick this week

like when someone walks up behind you while you're lost in your iPod.

my head's all kinds of congested and I made a few mistakes. nothing life-threatening. and most can be grouped within going against my instincts which I'm usually pretty good about trusting. call them lost opportunities, but I'm going to try to not beat myself up too much as it's been a big week. big news. big doings. that I'll refrain from discussing now because even though it's out of the oven I think I know enough to let it sit, let it cool before serving. but it's big. did I say that?

I watched a few movies. off the top of my head, the number 23, joseph cotten in hitchcock's shadow of a doubt and the minutemen documentary, we jam econo and fantastic 4 - rise of the silver surfer (I am way far away from being a comic book guy and the dialogue in this movie was just atrocious, even for superheroes, but I am intrigued by the silver surfer. though not so much as before). and I believe you can live a full and happy life without seeing any of the aforementioned.

I also watched the bonus DVD insert from the upcoming re-issue of liz phair's exile in guyville that'll be out in about five weeks. and right now I'm listening to jakob dylan's solo album that'll drop on June 10. which means my review of same is due this coming Friday.

which reminds me that I've been thinking it's a bit ridiculous to be spread across so many blog efforts. in case you didn't know I've been posting a kind of aural diary called downloadaday for about a month now, primarily because I realized that even though I'm supposed to be a music writer I really haven't done much, if any, reviewing in probably a year or more. all features. which is fine, enjoyable, what I want to be doing. but it's important, I think, to keep the chops up. so the other blog and the jakob dylan assignment. but I think there's a real chance, assuming time allows, that I'll be doing some kind of largish merge soon. probably.

reading material: my interview with Sudanese hip-hop artist emmanuel jal posted on Tuesday, and yesterday a video free (technical problems which may or may not be corrected) episode of possibly 4th street with peter case (that's a picture of peter from that session up top). I do think that the interview, if you have any interest in peter case, or even songwriting, at all, is a pretty good one, despite the video invisibility (peter's playing the living room tonight if you're in the area).
also there's a good interview with my buddy will kimbrough up at the crawdaddy website.

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