Tuesday, April 3, 2007

keith richards snorted his own father

and grew a horrible-looking mustache.
in that order.
and I'm not suggesting a cause and effect here, or even taking the moral high ground, but it really is a truly horrible-looking mustache.

in other news: we bought Arcade Fire and Morrissey concert tickets this weekend (separate gigs - AF in New York and Morrissey in Atlantic City). and while it's not a proven mathematical theorem, if you combined the two (Arcade Fire and Morrissey) then I believe you'd come up with something pretty close to Hidden Cameras.

and speaking of, my beloved and I attended the Hidden Cameras show in New York back in November when they were supporting their Awoo album (which I selected as the number four pick on my 2006 Pazz and Jop ballot).
I'm fairly certain that my beloved would vote that Hidden Cameras show as "the most fun concert" she's attended in quite some time. and I guess fun is an acceptable element in rock and roll every once in a while.
here's some pics from that night on last concert I ever saw.

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