Tuesday, June 20, 2006

we're leaving town for a few days

please don't break into our apartment.

to tide everyone over I'll be posting a lengthy, never-before-published interview with Nicholas Rombes, author of the 33 1/3 book on Ramones prior to vacating the premises.

as a sidebar, or in case you're wondering just what in hell Al Roker's picture is doing up top (I love the fact that someone, Quang I guess, scanned their autographed Al Roker photo and posted it on the Internet), I saw him yesterday on 49th Street.

now this really isn't any great shakes as the Today Show studio is about a throw-in from centerfield from where I generally camp out during smoke breaks so "celebrity" sightings really aren't at all uncommon. in fact, Ann Curry seemingly holds a pedestrian parking space (for some reason she's always holding a dry cleaning bag) underneath the Rainbow Room sign every afternoon (but no one ever approaches her).

but yesterday Al Roker is walking down 49th Street, trying to hail a cab when two tourists, likely a mother and son, start running to catch up with him. Roker has the cab in his sights, but catches the pair with some significant celebrity peripherals, leans his head back enough to get into the photo with aforementioned son while adopting a modified stretch with his briefcase still aimed in the direction he really wants to be going.
I mean, the guy's in the street, standing behind the cab, trying to bang on the trunk to get the driver's attention, while attempting to fulfill the scrapbook hopes and dreams of this pair of out-of-towners.
the patience of a saint, I tell you.
a much greater length than I would've gone and the only time I'm ever stopped on the street is for a spare cigarette or directions (more often than not to Rockefeller Center).

good night everybody!

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